The Krays In London Walking Tour

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Bethnal Green tube station (West exit), London

Guided by Adam

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16 June 2024 Tour du Jour 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer
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The Krays In London

The East End, Gangland & The Dark Side Of The Swinging 60s

The legend of the Krays looms large in London… this walking tour sets out to find the legend AND the true story.

Twin brothers Ronald and Reginald Kray were born in Hoxton, East London in 1933 and began their career in crime with protection rackets in their native East End. They soon graduated to Long Firms – fraudulent businesses trading on credit and selling the goods on without payment. The public face of their business was represented by their nightclubs – a touch of West End glamour in the East End.

The Krays: True Stories, Myth & Legend…

Their violent modus operandi would eventually lead to killing – indeed a central part of the Kray myth is that each brother goaded the other when it came to their “graduation” to what Ronnie Kray in particular is said to have viewed as the ultimate criminal badge of honour.

Events came to a head when Ron became the first of the twins to take a life – the shooting of rival gang member George Cornell in the Blind Beggar Pub, Whitechapel Rd on 9th March 1966 is central to the Kray myth.

Gangster Tour of London

The Krays had their portrait taken by famous photographer David Bailey and published alongside those of Mick Jagger and Michael Caine. That famous picture is the very model of that phrase from the baptismal rite, the glamour of evil. It is part of the National Portrait Gallery’s collection… it’s the image that branded the legend… and it’s the picture that hit the front page in 1969 when real-life finally caught-up with the legend and they were finally brought to book.

Our tour will weave a path between the legend and the truth looking at every facet of the Kray’s life and criminal career – as murderers, as East End Robin Hoods, as gay and bisexual men in post-war working-class London, as army deserters and as icons.

Wherever possible we’ll stop to look at film locations used in the Tom Hardy movie Legend. In this 2015 movie, Hardy plays the roles of both Kray twins. His twin performances are a legend in their own right.

Cast of Characters

London is as much a star of this tour as the Kray twins themselves. We’ll explore Bethnal Green and Whitechapel with a detective’s eye for clues. How did Bethnal Green shape the life of Reggie Kray? How did Ronnie Kray’s short-lived boxing career prepare him for life?

On this Krays tour we’ll also meet George Cornell and Jack “The Hat” McVitie – the two most notorious murder victims in the East End since the days of Jack the Ripper. We’ll pick up gangsters, rival gangs and victims; family and feuds; actors, photographers and pop stars along the way.

We’ll look at the bit-part players of the tale and hold conspiracy theories up to the light.

From Vallance Road to the Blind Beggar

We’re in Bethnal Green & Whitechapel to see the famous Kray locations including…

The Blind Beggar Pub – where Ronnie shot George Cornell.

Pellicci’s Cafe – Ronnie and Reggie’s favourite place to eat and film location from Legend.

The Carpenter’s Arms – East End boozer run by The Krays.

178 Vallance Road – Does the Kray brothers’ house still exist? In was demolished in the late 60s – Violet and Charlie, Ronnie and Reggie’s mum and dad, moved out in 1967. But there is enough of the architecture of East London still standing for us to create an accurate picture of the neighbourhood back in the day.

Where True Stories Meet Legend

This is more than just a Krays walking tour. We’ll look at the background history of East London, the social history of Bethnal Green. We’ll put the Kray Twins in the wider context the 1960s when London was the capital of the world. What were they up to in posh Knightsbridge? Why were they rubbing shoulders with real-life toffs? Whitechapel Rd may well be long and straight… but our tale is as crooked as a fish hook. Oh… did we mention murder?

Welcome to the dark side of the Swinging Sixties.

Tour ends at the Blind Beggar Pub, Whitechapel. (Nearest Tube: Whitechapel Tube Station.)

This tour is NOT suitable for children.

A Note From Adam, Your Guide

Adam Scott-Goulding

What is it about England and the English? We love an underdog. And if you’re looking for real-life underdog stories in London, look no further than just beyond Aldgate…

In many ways, the story of the Kray twins IS an underdog story. But it’s so much more.

I’d like to be clear from the outset: I’m not asking you to attend this Krays tour to listen to my opinions. I’m sure you’ve already made your mind up about Ronnie and Reggie. I’m not staging this walking tour to pass judgement on anyone – least of all Ronald and Reg Kray who have already been judged by jury of their peers and found wanting in 1969.

Neither is this Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (great movie). I’m not Guy Ritchie (great director). I’ll be telling stories as a tour guide – some tall, some true – while never losing sight of the fact that the Kray twins were notorious gangsters. We’ll also consider the impact of the Kray brothers crimes on real-life East London people. Not just George Cornell and co. Not just the gangsters. If you check the customer reviews below, I’ve been doing a decent job (so far) of presenting a balanced picture.

I’m here to neither glamourise nor condemn.

Having said that… If YOU have opinions on the Krays and their story, then do feel free to chip-in as we go along. Leading tours in the East End of London is a unique experience for a tour guide. There’s nowhere else like it. I meet more people on tours in this part of town whose family roots are here (in Bethnal Green and Whitechapel) than I do on any other London Walks tour. It’s always good to hear from you.

It’s a mad ride and no mistake. From boxing club to pub, from nightclub to the gutter, I’m aiming to cover Ronnie and Reggie’s old stomping ground from every angle. I look forward to your company.    


Don’t just take it from us…

Happy true crime fans at the end of the tour with guide Adam

23 reviews for The Krays In London Walking Tour

  1. Tom Tanton

    Interesting, fun walk through London’s East End. Adam was informative and entertaining and made the walk very enjoyable. Highly recommended.

  2. Sandra Farrell

    An enjoyable and informative walk. Adam is an excellent tour guide with a great sense of humour too. We have already booked another walk with him. Would thoroughly recommend.

  3. Karen

    Absolutely fantastic tour …thoroughly recommend…thank you Adam

  4. Luke

    Really good tour, Adam was so nice and informative. Well worth the money and we learned so much about the history of Bethnal Green / the Kray twins

  5. Michael Bramble

    Well Adam was fantastic from start to finish,a real,professional thank you for the Krays walk this morning my wife and I will be recommending this walk to everyone
    Thank you

  6. alec gifford

    Adam is a master storyteller and a magnificent guide. His knowledge of the Krays is second to none and I highly recommend his tour to any one.

  7. Graham Ross

    A superb tour with an excellent guide. Adam was engaging and fantastic speaker. He gave time for photos and questions but also kept the tour moving a a pleasant pace. Was great to see the places I had read about. Highly recommend

  8. Sarah

    Adam was just fantastic, so engaging, funny and made the walk one of the best we have been on. I have ready many books on the Krays and seen all the films but learnt so many new things from Adam and to experience the atmosphere and see so many of the places where it all happened was just brilliant. This is a tour not to be missed. Before you meet Adam at the appointed place there is a beautiful memorial across the road to the devastating loss of 173 people who were crushed to death in the stairwell of Bethnal Green tube during an air raid in 1943 so take a few minutes to see that if you can.

  9. Cliff Keen

    Really very good. Adam not only delivers a lot of information and background, he also presents it in an entertaining and friendly way. A Sunday morning well spent.

  10. Mrs D

    What an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning! The information was imparted in a fascinating, interesting and ‘fun’ way – bearing in mind the subject matter of the walk! As for Adam, he engaged with every one of the group along the way – he’s a star! We’ve done about fifty or so London walks over the years and I would definitely put this one in the top three walks. Thanks Adam for such an enjoyable morning’s walk.

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