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Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
31 January 2021 Special 7.30 pm 8.30 pm Winter
17 May 2021 Special 7 pm 8 pm Summer
13 September 2021 Special 7 pm 8 pm Summer
31 January 2022 Special 7 pm 8.15 pm Winter

The Kinks in London

Virtual Tour

31st January 2021 7.30pm

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We are the Fortis Green Preservation Society!

How three Muswell Hillbilly Boys (and a would-be Stone who passed over the river from down Richmond way) became Well Respected Men.

A guided tour in search of The Kinks in their glory days.

Ready, Steady, Go…

5 years that changed the face of pop & rock 1964-69

4 of the unlikeliest pop stars of all-time

3 number one hits

2 warring brothers

1 unique story

Venues, homes, schools, dance halls, parks, cinemas, pubs where they played and composed and the stories behind Waterloo SunsetAutumn AlmanacYou Really Got MeCome DancingMuswell Hillbillies and others.

A critical study… we’ll discuss their greatest hits and more – from their initial inspirations to their contemporary 60s influences right up to their 21st-century legacy.

LIVE MUSIC from your guide along the way.

And, yeah, for sure, feel free to chip in – bring any Kinks memorabilia that you would like to show, share your favourite “I once saw Mick Avory in…” stories and your favourite Kinks songs.

Adam – he’s your guide – first heard You Really Got Me at the age of 13 and it ruined his life.* He once spent £4.99 on the double album Spotlight On the Kinks leaving himself short of bus fare – and trudged home 8 miles in the rain wearing leaky, suede Chelsea boots but still says (37 years later) that it was totally worth it. 

Adam’s a journalist, musician and top-flight, professionally qualified, award-winning guide. Music tours are his speciality – he’s been doing them for 15 years.

*In a good way

1 review for The Kinks in London – Virtual Tour

  1. Peter Kahn

    An excellent tour. Adam really knows his stuff, and is a really friendly and engaging guy. Enjoyed every minute of it, and learned lots of fascinating things!

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