The City Churches Tour

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Cannon Street underground station, London

Guided by Rick Jones

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
Friday Weekly 10.30 am 12.30 pm Winter Summer Reserve Online

N.B. this walk will not take place on the following dates:


What’s on this one? Here’s a taster: fan vaulting, Bow bells, a Mediterranean courtyard, a sermon timer, a mighty organ beneath Christopher Wren’s most beautiful dome…

Served up by a brilliant guide.

Want a five-word distillation of the tour?  Visual feast, no dull moments.

The tour begins at 10.30 am outside Cannon Street tube station and takes in the Wren churches St Mary Aldermary with its fan-vaulting delicate as lace,

St Vedast with its discreet Mediterranean courtyard, St Mary-le-Bow with its bells and Norman crypt,

St Lawrence Jewry with its mayoral connections and St Stephen’s Walbrook

with the architect’s rehearsal dome where the tour ends in time for the free lunchtime organ recital which you may stay for.

The tour also includes non-Wren churches St Giles Cripplegate with links to Shakespeare, Milton, Cromwell and Bunyan and Hawksmoor’s St Mary Woolnoth with links to TS Eliot and Revd John Newton, slaver turned abolitionist and author of Amazing Grace.

12 reviews for The City Churches Tour

  1. Tom W

    Superb tour led by Rick. Extremely knowledgeable and articulately presented. Thoroughly enjoyed this 2 hour walk around the City of London and learning about Christopher Wren and his churches. The organ recital at the end of the tour (~45 minutes). was an added treat and highly recommended as well.

  2. Chris Haines

    We attended Rick Jones’ City Churches walk today. It was extremely well constructed and thoughtful, giving us enough information laced with anecdotes and asides so that we did not suffer from overload. We both learned a few things and enjoyed visiting churches that we had simply walked past on many occasions in our working lives. Thankyou for a most enjoyable morning and arranging the ending at the organ recital.

  3. Pamela Fuselli

    Rick is so passionate and knowledgeable about churches, their architects and architecture, history, and the people who lived and attended these wonderful buildings. He brought them all to life and gave us a fascination two hours that ended with a musical organ performance. Thank you!

  4. Mark Craig

    This is an excellent tour. Rick knows his Wren churches and then some. Wonderful to have met another musician as well. His tour was thoroughly enjoyable. We learned so much about architecture, history, and churches. I would highly recommend this tour!

  5. Susanna

    Excellently guided by Rick through the City’s Wren churches. This also included a most charming courtyard , alleys that I would never go by myself, the
    chiming of the Bow bells. All with expert knowledge and well delivered. 29/07/2022
    and an organ recital by Bach , Wibberley etc..

  6. Tom S

    We’ve been on many London Walks over the years, however, this one stands out as the best. We would have never found these churches or learned about the City of London and its church history without our knowledgable guide, Rick. A very enjoyable 2 hour walk with an impressive recitation of John Milton thrown in!

  7. Jenny Bassett

    Excellent and informative tour with a very knowledgeable guide who imparted his knowledge in an entertaining and interesting fashion. It was the little gems of information that made the difference. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough.

  8. Melanie

    A wonderful tour of some of Wren’s churches and so many fascinating nuggets about them from Rick. Many of them are completely hidden away and easy to miss, looking nothing grand from the outside, but then reveal glorious interiors. Find out why St Mary-le-Bow is so called and visit the church where Wren constructed his first (and the first in the country) dome then stay on for an (optional) organ recital. Highly recommend. Thank you Rick!

  9. Anne-Marie Brennan

    I’ve done lots of London Walks and so far this is a favorite. Before the walk I was a bit snooty about visiting non medieval (later) churches-but of course most of the medieval city churches were destroyed by the Great Fire and the Blitz. This walk was quite an education! The city churches are amazingly diverse, fascinating and many provide support and diversion for city workers. Rick is an expert on their history. The organ recital at the end of the walk by the organist at Norwich Cathedral was the icing on the cake for me!

  10. lesley

    Excellent tour led by the very knowledgeable and entertaining Rick. Impeccably timed to hear the Bow Bells peal and optional lovely organ recital at the end.

  11. Lesley

    Excellent tour of Wren churches. Rick so knowledgeable and entertaining even singing the Biw bells peak to us. Impeccable timing culminating in an optional organ recital

  12. Claire C

    A fascinating City walk showcasing some of the most beautiful Wren churches which have served fire, bomb and blitz. You will marvel at Wren’s fan vaulting, enjoy the silence of an ancient crypt and wander into a charming Mediterranean courtyard , whilst hearing about the many interesting historical and literary connections of these churches. Rick is a most engaging and erudite guide. Highly recommended.

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