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Suffragists, Suffragettes, ‘Deeds not Words’ – Isobel’s New Walk!

St James' Park Tube the Broadway/Westminster Abbey exit opposite the Conrad Hotel

Guided by Isobel

S for Suffragistes and Suffragettes

I always think the Mary Poppins film has much to answer for when people think about the fight for women’s suffrage. Glynis John, having sung a rousing song about suffragettes, realises Mr Banks is due home and she needs to get tea on the table. I mean, really? Somehow I think that scene was written by men.

The Women’s Library at LSE Library

The campaign for women to have the vote used civil disobedience, avoiding being included in census returns (by roller skating all night, among other things – ‘if women don’t count they won’t be counted’), dropping leaflets from a hot air balloon, marching through torrential rain.

This walk – created and guided by Isobel – looks at significant individuals, places, and actions which contributed to women finally gaining the right to vote, as well as contemporary feminist activists.


You name it, they did it…

And let the world know about it

The Women’s Library at LSE Library



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