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Sherlock Holmes in the City

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Aldgate Underground Station

Guided by Richard IV

Stolen jewels and vanishing men…

A corpse by the tracks at an Underground station: but how did it get there? A lethal air gun is crafted: but where is the workshop? Two men, each with two identities: but where can they be found? We go on the trail in the Square Mile – “through the dim, fog-draped streets” – seeing a surprising amount that Holmes and Watson would still recognise.

Where did Van Seddar wait for a precious jewel, and where did Scotland Yard seek help in another ‘Jewel case’? We look at an impressive location from BBC’s Sherlock, a fine building where Basil Rathbone once worked, and a notorious square where Conan Doyle got on the trail of Jack the Ripper.

There’s also time to follow Doyle’s Professor Challenger and his friends in the adventure they had after The Lost World, and for those with a taste for the activities of Holmes’s contemporaries we briefly follow the footsteps of Martin Hewitt, the tyre-marks of Romney Pringle and the knotted strings of the Old Man In The Corner.

“Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he.”

1 review for Sherlock Holmes in the City

  1. Anthony Ewen

    The walk was hugely enjoyable. Richard was a superb guide – supremely knowledgeable and informative and continuously entertaining. A great afternoon…and the inclusion of Leadenhall market was a gem, not only for the Sherlock Holmes connection but also for a remarkable location hidden amongst the office towers that now dominate the City.

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