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9 December 2020 Special 7 pm 8.30 pm Winter Book Now

This virtual tour explores the dazzling transformation of Regency London’s West End based on the master plan by John Nash

Regency London – How the West End Was Won

My (David’s) say: “This one is a tour de force. Charlie gave a preview of it to a group of professional guides, the most exacting audience in the world for one of these. Every last one of us was stunned. We all “knew” about Nash and Regent Street… but it turns out we didn’t “know” it because we hadn’t “seen it.” We have now. And we sure do know it now. Charlie’s made full use of the technical reach and range and possibilities of this medium. It’s a stunning presentation – left a dozen savvy, top-flight, elite guides with their jaws hanging open at what they’d just seen. And indeed learned. Changes the way you see central London.”

Join Westminster guide Charlie Forman to explore the West End of London that was laid out for us exactly 200 years ago by the architect John Nash. This virtual journey shows why he should really be called a ‘master planner’. It reveals the city which the Prince Regent thought would ‘eclipse Napoleon’s Paris’. Zooming up its great processional way from St James’s to Regent’s Park we will enjoy Nash’s great vistas and design ideas while understanding how his division of the ‘nobility’ from the ‘trading part of the community’ is still apparent today. It didn’t all go to plan. his most elegant shopping colonnade became a place to buy sex and, vastly over budget, he was sacked before completing Buckingham Palace. Yet his astonishing legacy is deeper and more long-lasting than is recognised. To understand London, understand the way it works, this is essential touring, essential viewing.

A great virtual experience via Zoom – book your online tour and we’ll send you a Zoom invitation and password. You will need to have the Zoom app downloaded to enjoy this virtual tour from the comfort of your own home.


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