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POW! A Cartoon & Comic Book Tour of London

Westminster tube station, London

Guided by Adam

Short version: Pow! A Cartoon & Comic Book Tour Of London – Satire & Superheroes in the West End

Long version: In two graphic hours we'll swing from censorship to Spiderman and back. Scooby Doo will rub shoulders with Gillray. Sherlock Holmes will team up with Batman. We'll see Walpole's bare bum and gaze into the hypnotic, lunatic eyes of Thatcher and Blair in the work of Steve Bell. There will be Marvel cameos from Captain America and Deadpool. Walt Disney will fly above Big Ben. We'll also take a look at some modern British classics – V For Vendetta, 2000A.D, From Hell & The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. We'll even drop-in on Wonder Woman's central London flat.
If you are interested in "the sale of American type comics in this country and the social effects which they might be having [on young people]" – as was Winston Churchill (for those are his words – in the 50's the issue of morality in comics reached the PM's desk) then this is the walk for you. If you like a chase sequence and a punch-up in a colourful costume, you will be equally at home. If you simply love an art form that is "in defiance of the primary need of the powerful to be taken seriously, often against all the external evidence of their innate absurdity" (Martin Rowson) – then I'll look forward to spending time in your company.


The POW! A Cartoon & Comic Book Tour of London takes place at 10.45 am on xxxxxxxxxxxx. Meet Adam just outside exit 4 of WestminsterTube. The vanishing point for this walk will be Orbital comic book store in Great Newport Street.


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