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Old Shoreditch & Hoxton

Old Street Tube Station, London

Guided by Judy

Short version. The Home of Cool in East London, that's this Tour du Jour.

Long version. A walk that's got everything going for it. 1) Top flight guide ("it all comes down to the guiding"). And I mean top flight: Judy's the Phi Beta Kappa for her year. I.E. she won the London Tourist Board's coveted Guide of the Year Award! 2) She's local. So all that professional expertise – to say nothing of her zest and zing and style – rests on the best possible foundation: local knowledge! 3) It's Shoreditch & Hoxton. London's Home of Cool. 4) Let alone home of history. Listen to that name, e.g. Shoreditch. You can hear it. And that's just to get the ball rolling. I mean this country's first, purpose-built theatre – The Theatre – went up in Shoreditch in 1576. Shoreditch's ghosts are to, well, die for. Think of Ben Jonson, Shakespeare's great contemporary, fighting that duel with Gabriel Spencer, a member of Shakespeare's company. Jonson won that duel. Spencer lost it. Big time. Jonson killed him. Even though the blade of Spencer's sword was ten inches longer. Oh rare Ben Jonson. And, yes, from one father to another, your finest piece of poetry was your son. 5) The buzz of a London artsy/talentsy neighbourhood that's got into its stride, knows it's where it's happening. 6) Everything going for it. N.B. the walk takes about two hours and ends at the wonderful Geffrye Museum. It's got good transport links. Hoxton Overground Station isn't far. Or it's a short bus ride to Liverpool Street Station.


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