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Henry Wellcome: The Medicine man & The Wellcome Collection

Warren Street tube station, London

Guided by Dr Barry

Henry Wellcome established one of the world’s greatest institutions for medical and health research: The Wellcome Trust. In addition, he amassed a great collection of medical artefacts from the history of medicine. The Wellcome Collection, a free museum and library, has a fascinating section on Medicine Now, about the Human Genome, and installations addressing current issues in health, among them morbid obesity, GM crops and phantom limbs. The second gallery contains paintings of the fattest Man in the world, Galileo’s daughter, and Siamese twins. Artefacts about Henry Wellcome‘s life including his ashes. Cases contain fascinating items including Napoleon’s toothbrush, a lock of George III’s hair, shoes for the bound feet of Chinese women, and a chastity belt.

The Reading Room has a number of thought-provoking sculptures by artists addressing health issues such as Alzheimer’s Disease, ageing, Ebola Viruses, Neural tubes and embryology. There is an outstanding hands-on display of mummies. Even the upholstery in the rooms has images of Dorothy Hodgkin’s X-ray crystallographic depiction of the insulin molecule.  The museum is ideal for the incurably curious and has a constant stream of thought-provoking temporary exhibitions, alongside its permanent exhibitions. The curating of the exhibition space is very original and it also houses a great café and restaurant, within reach from Central London and opposite the British Library. Read more and find current opening hours on

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