Medical Walk in Bloomsbury

Russell Square Tube

Guided by Rick Jones

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Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
9 June 2021 Special 3 pm 5 pm Summer Reserve Online
Live walking tour of the streets around the University College of London pointing out the many firsts in the history of medicine.

The tour begins at Russell Square and proceeds anticlockwise to the Foundling Hospital, Jenner House named after the doctor who invented vaccination, the School of Pharmacology, the first college for women doctors, the home of Dr Alphonse Normandy desalination pioneer, the Francis Crick Institute, the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital, the University College Hospital, the Petrie Museum, the home of Charles Darwin and so on. The tour celebrates the heroes of the National Health Service (NHS) who have been praised as never before for their bravery and resilience during the Covid pandemic.


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