This excursion will be back soon. In the meantime we’d be happy to organise a private tour for you. Please contact us on 020 7624 3978 | to make a booking.

Virtual  London’s Royal Parks – Virtual Tour

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Brompton Cemetery

And Richmond Park and Bushy Park

Meet your guide: click here for ace Blue Badge Guide David D.’s sampler podcast about this Virtual Tour.

Royal Palaces, Olympic Triathlons, herds of deer, Italian gardens, Christmas Day Swimming Trophies, Peter Pan Children’s Playground, birthplace of a running revolution, Speakers Corner, Winter Wonderland, global rock stars and graves that inspired Beatrix Potter.

London’s most famous green spaces are so much more than just beautiful plants and trees, come and learn all about them with London Blue Badge Tourist Guide David Drury


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