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Virtual  London Archaeology – Virtual Tour

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Walk Times

DayWalk TypeStart TimeEnd Time
26 July 2020 Special6 pm7 pm Summer
4 August 2020 Special4 pm5 pm Summer
17 August 2020 Special7 pm8 pm Summer

What lies beneath: 2,000 years of history. Blue Badge guide Leo drills down, peels back the layers.

When you walk through the streets of a city, do you ever wonder what treasures might be lying a few metres under your feet? On this virtual walking tour of the City of London, we will peel back the layers and take a look!

Over the course of a fascinating hour, we will trace the City’s history through its archaeology and examine some of the most exciting and unusual finds. The Roman settlement of the 1st and 2nd century AD offers up amazing remains at every turn: from the ruins of the amphitheatre lying beneath the City’s art gallery, to the sections of the Roman boundary wall revealed by Second World War bomb damage.

From Medieval hoards to gruesome plague pits, this is the perfect tour for all those interested in what can be found beneath the ground as well as what is currently above it.