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Virtual  James Bond – Virtual Tour

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17 August 2020 Special7 pm8 pm Summer

“The name is Bond, James Bond”…. how those words have become synonymous over the years with a do-or-die world of magnificently malevolent villains, seductively sensuous sirens and reckless romances in exotic locations.

Want to find out what personalities and events in Fleming’s life inspired the characters and plots of Bond? Curious about how relevant 007 is post-Cold War? Keen to hear more about their superhuman capability to absorb ridiculous amounts of alcohol and tobacco?

If that is affirmative, sign up for this brand new mission. Your guide Justin looks forward to briefing you at HQ on 17th August at 19.00 hours.

The “Bond, James Bond” Virtual Tour takes you deep into the London of both 007 & his creator, Ian Fleming – teleports you there from the comfort of your own homes. We will have a look at the sites around Mayfair & St James’s that played an important role in the life of the author – his place of birth, his clubs and the shops he frequented. As for 007 himself, much of what made the man – the gun, the gas-guzzler, the gambling and the grooming also took place in the same areas.