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“Bond, James Bond” – The London of 007 & Ian Fleming

Marble Arch Underground station, London (exit 2, the Park Lane exit)

Guided by Justin

Walk Times

DayWalk TypeStart TimeEnd Time
2 May 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Summer
6 June 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Summer
25 July 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Summer
15 August 2020 Tour du Jour10.45 am12.45 pm Summer
19 September 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Summer
17 October 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Summer
4 April 2020 Pub7.15 pm9.15 pm Winter

“Shaken not stirred” … Ahhhhh how those words have become intertwined over the years with a do-or-die world of magnificently malevolent villains, seductively sensuous sirens and reckless romances in exotic locations. This Tour du Jour walk goes there. We visit, indeed inspect, the sites that played an important role in the life of Ian Fleming. His place of birth, his clubs and his shops. As for 007 himself, much of what made the man – the gun, the gas-guzzler, the gambling and the grooming all took place around Mayfair and St James’. If he existed that is. Maybe he did. Maybe he does. Want to find out what personalities and events in Fleming’s life inspired the characters and plots of Bond? Curious about how relevant 007 is post-Cold War? Keen to hear more about their superhuman capability to absorb ridiculous amounts of alcohol and tobacco? Then leave your weapon at home and come and find out. Tux not compulsory. Meet Justin – who bears a remarkable resemblance to the gentleman in question (James Bond, NOT Oddjob) – just there, just outside exit 2 of Marble Arch Tube. N.B. the walk takes about two hours and ends just off St. James’s Street, a couple of minutes’ walk from Green Park Tube.


The meeting point for the “Bond, James Bond”The London of 007 & Ian Fleming walk is just outside exit 2 (the Park Lane exit) of Marble Arch Tube. The walk is guided by Justin.

We pub walk with 007 on the following Saturdays: April 4, May 2, June 6, July 25, September 19 and October 17. The meeting time for the “Bond, James Bond” – London of 007 pub walk is 7.15 pm.

Now about that first one, the Saturday, April 4 at 7.15 pm number, this needs must be said: No Time to Waste  – It’s been a while. Too long. Far too long. In fact it has been the second-longest  wait between Bond films since it all kicked off almost 50 years ago.

To celebrate the April release of No Time to Die, we are running an extra 007/ Ian Fleming walk on the weekend of its UK release.

7.15 pm on Saturday, April 4th

The “Bond, James Bond” – London of 007 walk will also take place at 10.45 am on Saturday, August 15.

The 10.45 am Saturday, August 15 walk is not a pub walk. Though you can of course put in at one of 007’s watering holes at walk’s end!