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Highbury Fields Forever

Highbury & Islington tube station, London

Guided by Rachel

Short version. Up the Gunners' Way.

Long version. Starts with very fine rolling green spaces and Victorian villas. Mixes in an extraordinary cast of characters. Let alone the "stuff" in the goodies bag. Ranging from port and sherry and the world's leading financial institution to Egyptology to crime novels to a life force "joyous to a pitch of bacchanalian vivacity" to (yes) a Ripper suspect to the theatre director who streaked across our skies like a comet to one of the great British and European intellecturals to… well, the place is a London garden of earthly delights (the Ripper and that one horrible suicide excepted). And that's not to mention Arsenal. Goes without saying that the walk will, er, tackle the subject of how and why a south London club from Woolwich came to north London, how its glorious art deco 1930s stadium – "The Home of Football" – became a residential complex. Will shine the torch of the stories behind the North Bank and the Clock End before arriving at The Emirates, the third largest football ground in England. Instant translation for North American readers: think Ebbetts Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Same sort of intimacy, same sort of size. Same sort of being part of the very fabric of an ordinary neighbourhood. Difference is Ebbetts Field was razed. Arsenal Stadium – like a proud old war veteran with an empty sleeve or two – is still with us.