Virtual  Flower of Cities All – the History and Archaeology of Mediaeval London

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22 November 2020 Special 6 pm 7 pm Winter Book Now

Explore the ancient City of London with an expert…

Guided by the former Museum of London archaeologist Kevin Flude, this tour explores London in the Middle Ages, from 1066 to the end of the 15th Century. In 1066 London was not yet the formal capital but this soon came as London expanded and took over functions from Winchester.   By 1400 London was dominating the affairs of the Kingdom in spectacular fashion and had grown into a sophisticated medieval Capital.  We begin in the extra-mural area amongst the Monasteries and burial grounds before entering the City via  Bishopsgate.  and to the site of one of the few remaining medieval Churches at St Helens.  We then look at everyday life in the City in the streets of the main markets of Cornhill, Poultry, Bucklersbury and Cheapside before visiting the Guildhall and ending at the City Wall. We will walk in the footsteps of Geoffrey Chaucer, in the muddy City Streets, exploring the unhealthy conditions and poverty amidst great riches and pageantry. We will see where the Italians, the German, the Dutch, the Jews, and the French lived cheek by jowl with native Londoners and immigrants from the Midlands.