Behind Closed Doors

This walk is temporarily suspended. We hope to bring it back soon but in the meantime why not read all about it to whet your appetite!

Covent Garden underground station, London

Guided by Brian or Richard III or Tom

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Tuesday Weekly 10.45 am 12.45 pm Summer Reserve Online

Short read: Ah, the life-giving shock of new experience.

Long read: The tonic of delightful discovery. A walk that shakes you gently, as in a sieve, and drops you into places of long ago – places you probably wouldn’t get into off your own bat. Into’s the mot juste. We’re going into these places. Into the venerable – and passing strange – RAF church. Into the Royal Courts of Justice to watch a trial (when they’re in session). Into a spectacular riot of Romanesque revival built of iron and tucked away inside a university campus. Into an ancient institution shrouded in secrecy – deep-browed inside London’s greatest art deco building. And the kicker? The Guides: Tom MBE is a barrister. Brian read Law at university. Richard III has an illegal background (a charge sheet as long as your arm, a charge sheet to be proud of). Simon W. has never helped the police with their enquiries. And location, location, location: at walk’s end you can grab a spot of lunch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or The Bank of England (another interior where you’ll gasp with wonder) or an ancient haunted pub. And then nip off to St. Petersburg-on-Thames or the Courtauld!


The meeting point is just outside Covent GardenTubeN.B. the Behind Closed Doors Walk ends at the Royal Courts of Justice, very near Temple Tube Stop.  


“the unfailingly fascinating London Walks… If you can’t find one [of their tours] that captures your fancy, maybe you really are tired of life.”  San Francisco Chronicle

“The best walking tours in London” The London Guide

“The best walks are conducted by London Walks” Toronto Globe & Mail


If you can’t make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public Behind Closed Doors walks do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have the Behind Closed Doors Walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. Ring Fiona or Noel or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they’re very good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing.


A private London Walk makes a special, thoughtful and unusual) gift. Be it a birthday or anniversary or graduation or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


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