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5 October 2022 Special 7 pm 8.15 pm Summer


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Where? 1. On your screen (wherever you are: London, Sidney, San Francisco, Seville, New York City, Cape Town, Berlin, Chiangmai, etc.). In short,  in the comfort of your own home (we guarantee you, you will not be rained on). 2. In  Beatlemania London – where the Fabs hung out, performed, recorded, partied, etc.

Who? Award-winning, top-flight, professionally qualified, supremely gifted guide Adam. (“Adam Scott is the only human being I – David – know who talks like a well-written magazine article.”) It all comes down to the guiding. (See pic – that’s Adam on the left, looking right at you.)

Who else? John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr… And their crowd. And ourselves.

What? A guided Virtual Tour of “the scene” – of Beatlemania-struck London. You’ll “get back” (doubly so if you’re of a certain vintage) – be taken there. Taken to the venues – to where it all went down. You’ll be shown stuff. You’ll hear the stories. You’ll “meet” the principals. You’ll hang out. You’ll listen to some live music. You’ll re-enter – return to 2020 – having spent some time in a special place and time.  Got a feel for it.  Anything else? Yes, the Tour is interactive. You can interact with Adam and your fellow walkers – ask questions, make comments, reminisce (if you’re a boomer), etc.

Why? Because it’s fun, it’s stimulating, it companionable, it’s social, it’s London and it’s culturally, artistically and culturally important..

How long does it last? About an hour and 15 minutes.

How does it work? The wonders of the Internet. In a word, Zoom.

Do I have to book? Yes.

Why do I have to book? Because we restrict the number of participants to 20. It is not a herd experience. We want to get the comfort level of the group right. Get some group chemistry, get people meeting and interacting with their fellow group members (if they want t0), get some group intimacy. For that, a maximum of 20 is ideal.

How do I book? Click here.

How much does it cost? £10 per person.

What sets it apart? A. Adam (“it’s like having a rock star for your own personal guide”). B. It’s the London Walks Beatlemania Virtual Tour

So what? “London’s best guided walks” Time Out;  “London Walks is without a doubt the premier walking tour company in the entire world” – that’s what.

Is it possible to book a private Beatlemania Virtual Tour? Yes. Get in touch with us here at London Walks. Email: [email protected]             Tel. 020 7624 3978

What if I have further questions? Eezy peezy. Contact David or Mary at London Walks. It’s 18/7 and you get a real person, a living, breathing human being – not some automated, metallic “voice” presenting you with an infuriating series of options (“press this button, press that button” ad nauseum).

Email: [email protected]    Tel. 020 7624 3978

Anything else? Yes, be sure to watch the trailer. It’s at the very top of this page.

1 review for Beatlemania – The Virtual Tour

  1. Bruce Hislop

    Yet another tour de force from Adam with his in depth knowledge and humour the time flies and I could listen to his tales and singing all day.

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