The Peasants’ Revolt Anniversary – ‘Summer of Blood’

Aldgate Tube, Exit on Aldgate High Street

Guided by Kevin

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
13 June 2024 Special 6.30 pm 8.30 pm Summer Reserve Online

Short read: The Summer of Blood

Long read: The Peasants’ Revolt. The greatest popular rising in English history. This is the anniversary walk. The London Walk that heads back to 1381, back to the Peasants’ Revolt. You want a metaphor, think stations of the cross. This is the stations of the Peasants’ Revolt walk.

We go over the ground, literally and metaphorically. Where it took place. Why it took place. Why it took place at these places. What happened. The walk is guided by the distinguished Museum of London Archaeologist Kevin Flude. His expertise means you’ll see the invisible. And understand the inscrutable.

Guide’s read: An Anniversary Walk tracking the progress of the Peasants as they take control of London in June of 1381

On the anniversary of the Peasants Revolt we reconstruct the events that shook the medieval world. In June 1381, following the introduction of the iniquitous Poll Tax, England’s government nearly fell, shaken to the core by a revolt led by working men.  This dramatic tour follows the events of the Revolt as the Peasants move through London in June 1381.

We meet up with the Peasants at Aldgate.

Force our way into the City. We march on the Tower of London as the King makes concessions by ending serfdom, at Mile End.  But the leaders take the mighty Tower of London and behead the leaders of Richard’s government.

Attacks follow on the lawyers in the Temple, the Prior at St. John’s of Jerusalem, Flemish Londoners, and on Lambeth and Savoy Palaces.

The climax of the Revolt comes at Smithfield where a small Royal party confronts the 30,000 peasants.


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