Underground – Overground: Exploring London by Tube

Date post added: 17th October 2021

This podcast is a ten-minute excerpt from the first instalment of the new ten-part Virtual Tour Series: Underground – Overground: Exploring London by Tube. It’s Fiona introducing the series. And (almost goes without saying, this) it’s the platonic ideal of great guiding. What you get again and again from a tip-top professional* who knows what she’s doing.

*London’s most decorated guide, Fiona won the Guide of the Year Award in both her Blue Badge course and her Westminster course.

David Tucker

David Tucker

David – the Seigneur of this favoured realm – broods over words, breeds enthusiasms and is “unmanageable.”* He’s a balterer, literary historian, university lecturer, journalist, logophile and lifelong thanatophobe. For good measure, he’s the doyen of London guides.

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