The Victoria Line – All Aboard!

Date post added: 25th November 2021

The wonders of the Victoria Line hidden in plain sight.  And take it away – take us away! – Simon. It’s this week’s podcast. To wit: Simon’s introduction to one of his two “lines” in the Underground Overground – A Virtual Tour Series Exploring London by Tube.

Follows on from a couple of Richard IV offerings. Every Christmas season professional reader,  actor and guide Richard Burnip gifts us – London Walks and London Walkers – with a professionally read Dickens Christmas story or Sherlock Holmes tale. Here’s one of Richard’s 2021 Christmas reads.

David Tucker

The doyen of London walking tour guides, David is the Seigneur of this favoured realm (London Walks). A literary historian and retreaded academic (London University Ph.D. on Dickens) and former television news editor, he broods over words, breeds enthusiasms and is "unmanageable." For good measure, he's a balterer, a logophile and a lifelong thanatophobe.

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