Chart toppers – the 3 most popular podcasts of the last 90 days

Date post added: 19th April 2021

  1. Meet Your Guide –  Tom the Barrister Biker
  2. “the inferno dropped out of the sky”
  3. Prince Philip remembered – London Walks guides look back

Always interesting to see what’s grabbed people, what they’re listening to. As per the title, this survey covers the 90 day period from Jan. 20 to today (April 20). Two things are striking about it. 1) The continuing popularity of the Tom the Barrister Who’s Also a Biker podcast. It went up – went to air – way back on January 25th and it’s absolutely dominated “the charts” ever since. Tom’s a lot of fun – he kept giving the interviewer (me, David) the giggles – so maybe it’s just a matter of the word getting out about that one, people telling their friends “you should listen to that London Walks podcast about the biker who’s a barrister.” 2) The range of the three most popular. The Prince Philip one was probably predictable. But what a far cry from Kevin’s podcast “the inferno dropped out of the sky” about the Zeppelin raids on London in World War I. And from the Tom the biker barrister podcast. And of course those two are wildly different from one another. Conclusion? I’m not sure there is one except that London Walkers have wide and varied tastes and interests. Be interesting to see what happens in the charts once we get more than 90 days from the day “the barrister biker” went to air.

David Tucker

David Tucker

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