Prince Philip Remembered – London Walks Guides Look Back

Several London Walks guides met Prince Philip – and will of course remember him. Here they share some of those memories.

The guides, in order, are: Shaughan Seymour, Brian Hicks, Nick Day, Simon Whitehouse, Karen Pierce-Goulding, Jan Poole, Delianne Forget, David Tucker and Tom Hooper.



2 responses to “Prince Philip Remembered – London Walks Guides Look Back”

  1. TonyaJ says:

    Thank you, that was so lovely to listen to; anecdotes, stories, how he’ll be remembered.

    One of the most revealing things about Philip as shown on The Crown, was his spiritual evolution. I’ve read more about his life yesterday, than I’ve ever read about the Royal family in my entire life. His childhood was a lonely wasteland and so he learned, I am supposing, to be very self-sufficient and not rely on anyone, and yet according to that episode The Crown featuring Robin Wood, he had an emptiness, a void, which led to being involved in St. George’s House, a haven of reflection and discussion (keeping in mind The Crown changed some details).

    And even if one does not admire the monarchy and what it stands for, as I’ve read one of these gentlemen does not, Matt Smith and Tobias Menzies who played Philip on The Crown at different times in his life, said touching things yesterday about him; TM on Twitter and MS through Entertainment Weekly. So I was not only thinking about the Queen yesterday, but those outstanding men, because they gave us all an emotional, human connection to a man most of us didn’t know or understand. I’m sure there is some poignance there for them, who took the man in to play him.

  2. David Tucker says:

    What a lovely, thoughtful comment, Tonya. Thanks so much for taking the time to share these thoughts.

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