Chris Spence is a licensed tour guide working with the foremost walking tour company in Paris. (Paris Walks, it goes without saying.) He lives in the 11th arrondissement of the capital and holds dual nationality, having been resident in France for around 25 years. He has a wide range of interests including, of course, French history, but is also a musician-songwriter and amateur palaeontologist. For good measure he’s recently discovered the joys of making mosaics! He has travelled widely and published articles as a freelance journalist about his wanderings and about French culture. He has done occasional interviews for radio and tv, and has appeared in documentaries. He conducts more than 20 circuits on different cultural and historical themes in the world’s most beautiful city. The final trump card: with his innate passion for language, Chris can make buildings and monuments talk! Have a listen – here’s Chris’s “merely brilliant” introduction to his French Revolution Virtual (and shoe-leather-on-pavement) Tour.

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Montmartre - a Village in the City
Montmartre - a Village in the City

Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir lived here. Piaf sang on its streets. Toulouse- Lautrec immortalised its wicked nightlife- eternal Montmartre! Guided by Chris Spence.