Ali, Bob1, Caz and Bob2 - New eltham
August 2011
What a beautiful evening to walk around Hampstead Village. Peter was absolutely brillant and kept us enthralled all evening. Thank you for the insight into 'Hamp Stead'.
Duncan Bowers - Zurich, Switzerland
May 2008
I just wanted to say thank you to David for last Sunday's Hampstead Walk; he really made the whole thing come alive with his enthusiasm and that was not easy on such a rainy day!
My only complaint is that the walk is too fast and too short - i wanted it to continue for at least a couple more hours!
And finally i would love to recommend The Flask to anyone looking for a really good pint with their lunch after the walk. It was certainly the most delicious pub-grub i have ever had.
Thanks and regards,



David here. Thanks very much for your note. The herogram of course was very welcome. But I'm particularly pleased to get that bit of feedback about The Flask. That will enable me to "fine tune" my recommendations ever so slightly. Because I always do the pair of walks on Sunday - Hampstead in the morning followed immediately by Shakespeare's & Dickens's London - the Old City in the afternoon - I can never have Sunday lunch up in Hampstead myself (because I'm always dashing off to the City to get to the S & D walk). So I'm always flying a kite ever so slightly when people ask for a recommendation for Sunday lunch. Flying a kite and hoping for the best! So what you've said is a big help in that regard. It's precisely one of the reasons we set up this forum - we were hoping to get this kind of feedback from time to time, knowing that there would be occasions - and this is a classic instance of one - when a walker would be able to plug a hole for us that for whatever reason we weren't able to attend to ourselves.
jane Rawson - Hullbridge, Essex
December 2007
This was the first walk we have taken around our home City and what an eye-opener it was! Peter G really brought Old Hampstead to life with his old and recent gossip, delivered in his wonderfully animated style.

We walked on the Saturday before Christmas 2007. The dark night allowed us to spy on both current and old traditions. With basements, alleyways and pubs adorned with Christmas cheer, it really was the best start to the festive season we could have imagined. After our walk we found a delightful Italian restaurant near the tube station to complete the evening. Next time we will eat in the Holly Bush or another of Peter's recommended eateries.

We are walking tonight, New Year's Eve, the gas light tour of Westminster and plan to carry on our new formed tradition of regular walks throughout 2008.

Thank you for showing us what has been under our noses all this time. Thank you for waking us up to our London, a wonderful and richly diverse City.

Jane and Mark
Ola Berger Stai - Trondheim, Norway
July 2007
When I travel to London I always try to find time for a Walk. This time around I made it to Hampstead on a Saturday evening. I was a bit anxious since my son came along for the first time, and didn`t know if this was something for him. After catching sight of the guide Richard III, whom I have "walked" with earlier, I knew for sure I was in for a very interesting history lesson, spiced with anecdotes and peculiarities. Being a teacher myself, I admire yhe ability to excite and entertain his "class" the way he does.
And, I`m very happy to say that the first thing my son did next morning was going through the London Walks brochure for more! Thank You, we`ll be back!
Gracie - London
May 2007
This was a perfect Saturday night activity for my out of town visitors. We walked a lot and built up our appetite and thirst! The insights on Hampstead and the pubs we great fun and the company of our fellow tourmates was fun too! Thank you!