How to Go on a London Walk
First things first: there's no need to book!
To go on a London Walk, meet your guide and fellow walkers on the pavement ("sidewalk" in North American parlance) just outside the designated London TubeStop (Underground Station) at the time stated. This video* shows how it works.*
To go on one of our Day Trips from London – to Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Cambridge, The Cotswolds, etc. –  meet your guide by the ticket office of the designated London  Railway Station. At the time stated.
Your guide will be holding up copies of the distinctive white London Walks leaflet. (If you click here you'll bring up a picture of the famous white London Walks leaflet.
So, in sum, in FAQ form:
What's the duration?  About two hours
Where do I meet the guide? Just outside the exit of the designated TubeStop 
Why go with London Walks? "London's best guided walks" Time Out**, "There's No Comparison" and a baker's d of other reasons
Who'll be my guide? London's best guides
**Time Out and everybody else!
And, yes, it bears repeating: there's no booking. No pre-payment
You don't have to make reservations to go on a London Walk. Same goes for the Day Trips from London. Just turn up and go. It's convenience itself. There's no red tape with London Walks!
And speaking of our out-of-town Day Trip tours (to Oxford, Bath, Cambridge, The Cotswolds, Stonehenge, etc.), this video gives you a wee peek at one of them. To go on one of our Day Trips meet the guide by the ticket office of the designated London  railway station. At the time stated.

Anything else? Well, might make the point that while there's no need to book, very large groups should book a private walk – it's even cheaper and you'll have your own guide just for your group! What's more, we move heaven and earth to get a great "fit" between group and guide. Just give us a call.

A London Walk lasts about two hours. The Day Trips to Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, etc. are all day affairs – but they get you back in central London in time to catch a show!

London Walks and Day Trips always take place, rain or shine.

Each walk ends at or near a London TubeStop
(Underground station).

And that's all there is to it.

*It's the Old Westminster walk on Saturday morning. The guide is Karen (one of London Walks' many Guide of the Year Award winners!).  It's a bit of all right, I'm sure you'll agree – and it certainly shows how it's done, the logistics of meeting up with a guide and going on a London Walk, etc..