Cambridge Tour
 CAMBRIDGE  "can such places be?"

"the most beautiful city in Europe" 

Cambridge. Miraculum orbis. Wonder of the world, annexe to heaven. Bridge of sighs. Mediaeval courts. Velvet-soft emerald lawns. The unearthly beauty of Kings.* Newton's room and garden where he experimented and, yes, that apple tree – think of him "forever voyaging through strange seas of thought." The calm of the tree-fringed Backs. Willow-shrouded banks of the Cam. The plaintive note of the World War II American cemetery. Darwin's college. Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything. Alan Turing – yes, welcome to The Imitation Game. The pub where the structure of DNA was announced. Punting on the Cam (we'll get a really generous discount if you want to take a turn – or, indeed, just go along for the ride). Leafy streets and twisty alleys. Whispering wind and yellow lantern. Shadowed passage and haunted bookstore. Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall. Bicycling students. Cheese and fish stalls in the market. People who talk like books... Here's a photo-essay.  And more video anyone? Here's a little how-it-works job - the logistics, the practical details, etc. And here's a hot-off-the-press Cambridge piece that was earmarked for the London Walks Blog but found a home here instead. You'll learn something fairly tasty from it.

*And-a one and-a two... take it away, Simon. In short, here's some audio for you.
  In the Winter 2014-15 London Walks programme
we go to Cambridge on:
Monday, April 6
  In the Summer 2015 London Walks programme
we go to Cambridge on:
Saturday, May 2
Monday, May 11
Monday, May 25
Monday, June 8
Monday, June 22
Monday, July 6
Monday, July 20
Monday, August 3
Monday, August 17
Saturday, August 22
Monday, August 31
Monday, September 14
Monday, September 28
Saturday, October 17
Meet Simon at 9 am by the main ticket office –
near the Leon Cafe –
of King's Cross  Railway Station
Tariff £43
Here's another video glimpse of the tour. This one's a peek beneath the bonnet – a look at the particulars, the practicals, the logistics (what happens/how it works).

Cambridge photos by David Tucker, Alex Alava, Rob Roy - and others.

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