Tippling through London’s liquid history

This is a clip from the private virtual pub tour Simon recently did for a City of London livery company. We come in near the beginning. The Master introduces Simon, followed by a bit of battening down the technical/logistical hatches and then off they go. As Simon explains, they do ten watering holes. This clip takes in the first one – London’s swishest and most fabulous sky bar – and then whooshes us downstream to an ancient and very historic riverside pub.

And so we come to the moral of the story. At no little risk of belabouring the obvious, when in London do as Londoners do. Let me spell that out: this is a City of London livery company: they are well-appointed, they have extremely high standards, they know what they’re doing, they wouldn’t dream of settling for less than the best. Which is why they turn to London Walks and Simon. (This in fact is the third VT (Virtual Tour) Simon’s done for them.

N.B., that 1.5-second “slur” that periodically pitches up is compliments of a bandwidth glitch. It is most assuredly not a speech defect or a lubrication bequest.

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