That’s Entertainment – 2,000 years of London having fun

Some work and more play… Now you’re talking. You’re talking London. You’re talking the London formula for success, the London recipe for what goes a long way toward making this the most exciting and enjoyable and creative city on God’s green earth.

Which brings me to this podcast – and to the guide and the virtual tour it introduces.

The guide is that consummate Londoner – that consummate Londoner with a huge appetite for enjoying life – Russell. The virtual tour is Russell’s Entertaining London.

So, yes, subject and guide – this one’s a marriage made in heaven. Nobody ever put it better than the Irish poet William Butler Yeats in that line of his, “who can tell the dancer from the dance?” Doubly spot on here because, yup, you got it, Russell’s a competitive dancer (in some of his spare time).

Anyway, here he is – on this ballroom floor – cutting a dash on this wonderfully enjoyable (and, yes, important as well as fun*) subject: how London has entertained itself throughout the ages.

*Goes without saying, the podcast and the virtual tour, they’re both very London, very London Walks – in a word, “infotainment.”


“London has been in hibernation for more than a year now”

“just being inspired”

“what we had to look forward to”

“all the great entertainment”

“we go all the way back to Roman times”

“the penny gaffs”

“Two Steps to Tyburn”

“the blood-stained handkerchief”

“potential for an awful lot of new creativity”

“if this were a golf tournament every name on the Leader Board would be a London Walks guide”

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