Royal Shakespeare Company actor Nick Day’s Stratford – A Taster

Yes, Virginia, there are some very successful actors who guide for London Walks. Nick Day heads up that troupe. Over the course of his long and illustrious career Nick has been in 117 productions. A lot of those shows have been Royal Shakespeare Company productions. Nick has been with the RSC for seven seasons! Stratford upon Avon is practically a second home to him. And so it was perhaps inevitable that Nick would do a Nick Day’s Stratford Upon Avon Virtual Tour. This short clip is a delightful vignette from Nick’s tour. What it gets across – unmistakably – is that Nick Day’s Stratford, Nick Day’s Tour is not tourists’ Stratford. It’s insider’s Stratford, a distinguished RSC actor’s Stratford. Nick’s able to take us backstage, so to speak. Shows us places – parts of the Stratford upon Avon “landscape” – that no tourist ever gets to see. It’s very personal, very special – as is delightfully apparent from this short excerpt. Going behind the scenes, getting to see places other people don’t get to see – that in itself has everything to recommend it. Add to it the cherry on the sundae – that your “tour guide” is one of the most distinguished actors of our time, with the manner and timing and voice and presence that entails – well, you’ve got the tour of tours.

You’re going to like this one, folks.

A lot.

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