London Walks Podcasts

Karen has privileged access to London’s most storied restaurant

Date post added: 10th April 2020

Let’s hear it for privileged access. Taking us in just before it opens – it’s like going backstage just before the curtain rises – “the world’s greatest guide” shows us round, upstairs and downstairs, London’s oldest, classiest, most storied restaurant.

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“Where they watch the clouds” – Fiona takes us there

Date post added: 9th April 2020

“I could listen to this beautiful woman all day”

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The greatest London poem ever

Date post added: 8th April 2020

Accomplished actor and London Walks guide Oliver Beamish delivers a perfectly judged, professionally rendered performance of the greatest poem every written about London, Wordsworth’s sonnet “Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802”

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Songbird Simon W.’s Covent Garden Podcast – Part 1

Date post added: 7th April 2020

Buried treasure – award-winning guide who bursts into song – “you’re going to look up and be absolutely astonished” – “Betsy with her immense size breasts”

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The Best Kept Secret of the 20th Century – Little Venice, Part 3

Date post added: 6th April 2020

One in 150 million million million – Shaughan’s Little Venice walk

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“Oh to be in England” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 2

Date post added: 5th April 2020

swans, mooring rings, a horse escape route, red livery, “the British Open’s” house and her sex life… Some tapas from Part 2 of actor Shaughan Seymour’s Little Venice podcast

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“No driver must be without trousers” – Shaughan’s Little Venice Tour, Part 1

Date post added: 4th April 2020

Serenaded, sex aplenty, serried ranks of celebrities, secrets, sophisticated, Shaughan Seymour…

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Shortest Podcast Ever

Date post added: 3rd April 2020

A guiding tour de force. It’s accomplished actor Oliver Beamish opening his Jack the Ripper walk. A 38-second introduction that doubles as a mini-master class in how it – guiding – should be done.

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Caviar, Champagne & the Man Who Ate His Boots

Date post added: 2nd April 2020

Westminster Abbey, a tortoise that entertained patients, polar exploration… just three of many threads woven together brilliantly in this “London” tapestry

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Legal London with Shaughan – Part 2

Date post added: 1st April 2020

“a glorious roll-call of British eccentrics: the Wits, the Windbags and Wayward Wigs battling it out over Wives, Writs, Wills, Widows and Wrecks”

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