Meet Your Guide – Philip, a National Champion

Philip is a Londoner, a north Londoner. And that’s his speciality. He guides North and Northwest and Northeast from Central London. So: Clerkenwell, Highbury, Islington, Camden, etc.

And the National Champion thing? Scrabble! Who woulda known? If there’s a bottom line it’s that my colleagues – London Walks guides – are an unending source of wonder.


“It’s one thing to think you know your home city well and another thing to be able to guide people around”

“Nobody gets to know everything about London”

“I was walking along a slippery path along the side of the canal…”

“I have about 20 different walks under my belt”

“I’m an Arsenal fan”

“the people who come on the walks are generally pretty open to everything”

“It’s very difficult to talk about Arsenal without talking about their greatest rival”

“There are two answers to that question”

“It’s a little bit more clinical”

“the pitch has been converted into a garden for the residents”

“it’s been around since the back end of the 12th century”

“Highbury was a country retreat”

“anywhere in London there is so much history that you can do a walk there”

“three of the buildings that were around in Elizabethan times are still there”

“where Queen Mary watched the hanging of protestant martyrs”

“everywhere you walk around that area is just full of history”



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