Masterclass on Acting, Guiding & ‘Living’ History – Simon Bubb reflects

Young actor Simon Bubb shows and tells – everything from starring on the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to guiding our Disastrous London walk, from ‘it’s like being a rock star’ to plagues then and now, from having a great time rolling around the City of London talking about the absolutely ghastly things that have happened to ‘we’ll meet again on the other side’.  “We populate the places we’re looking at with the ghosts of the past” – we revisit the Black Death on our Disastrous London walk – felt like a past time, a different era – very strange to see ourselves repeating history – I’ve worked on the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (played Benedict in Much Ado About Nothing) – you feel like a rock star – you have to make it come alive – have to be able to hit the back wall – the nightmare that’s under our feet – particularly resonant at this time – interesting reflecting on the similarities – guiding is acting – transferable skills – one reason why there’s an army of actors who are London Walks guides – what will London Walks guides in the future say about Covid-19?

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