Lost London – the city that is no more & the city that never was

This is the platonic ideal of this new form of touring. Russell exploits the form to its full potential. Shows us what it’s capable of. His theme is Lost London. London that was and is no more. And London that never was. He ranges all over London and all across its history. It’s beautiful, zany, breathtaking, The visuals are wonderful. He’s unearthed old line drawings and paintings and photographs – and fashioned them into a wonderful pull-together. It’s the fruits of a “dig” that none of us would ever undertake on our own. We get to see a London nobody else has ever seen, a London we’d never get to see otherwise.

This one is so good, so interesting that down the road I’m going to do something I haven’t done previously – I’m going to put up a second installment from the tour. Keep your eyes peeled for it. You’ll like it. A lot.


“it would have been a monstrous palace”

“we’ll use a bit of clever satellite technology here”

“ideas of London that never quite materialised”

“the medieval Gothic church”

“it was as big as the great pyramid in Giza”

“if we’d been standing here 1900 years ago we would have been looking at this”

“lots of more recent buildings that have been lost to us”

“the idea was to put Drake’s ship Golden Hinde on top of old St. Paul’s – wouldn’t that have been fantastic”

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