London History Bulletin – January 16

Parliament outlawed Catholicism on January 16, 1581. This London History Bulletin bears witness.


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January 16th. It gets a black flag for what happened in 1581. A Day of Shame. On January 16th, 1581 Parliament outlawed Catholicism. 

For a century and more the history of Catholicism in this country would be a story of long, patient endurance. Long, patient endurance against persecution and legalised cruelty. Perpetual imprisonment was to be the punishment for saying mass or keeping a school. Catholics were declared incapable of inheriting lands. In due course they were not allowed to purchase lands or estates. 

They couldn’t possess arms. They couldn’t own a horse of any value.

The papists, as they were called, were blamed for every misfortune and calamity. And on it went. A deeply shaming, sorry saga. 

And that’s the London History Bulletin for January 16th. A day of infamy in London’s – and England’s – History. 

The London History Bulletin, as always, has come to you from – home of London Walks, London’s signature walking tour company.

 Emanating from – home of London Walks, London’s signature walking tour company. London’s local, time-honoured, fiercely independent, family-owned, just-the-right-size walking tour company. And as long as we’re at it, London’s multi-award-winning walking tour company. Indeed, London’s only award-winning walking tour company.

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And on that agreeable note…come then, let us go forward together on some great London Walks. See ya tomorrow.

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