London History Bulletin – January 12

January 12, 1763 – the night James Boswell made love five times to actress Louisa. Play-by-play commentary from the London History Bulletin.


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Oh what the hell, we might as well. It’s partly that I’ve got a couple of heavy writing and guiding days ahead of me, so this one’s going to have to be pretty much a reading one. And here’s our jumping-off point.

It was exactly 260 years ago tonight that 22-year-old James Boswell did it five times with an actress named Louisa. Well, there are worse ways I suppose to get through a January night in Georgian London. Though it must have been fairly strenuous, even for a 22-year-old. He was very proud of his achievement. So proud he set it all out in an extraordinary diary entry. Which we’re about to get. Be good to know more about Louisa. But, alas, all we know about her is her night of amours with the future biographer of the great Dr Samuel Johnson. We know a great deal about Boswell, thanks to his letters and diaries and private papers. And of course the write-ups he gives himself in what is generally regarded as the greatest biography in the English language.

I daresay, it’s certainly arguable that we know rather more about Boswell than we’d like to know. That he contracted venereal disease 17 times, for example. Testosterone for brains, I’d say. You see it at the end of this diary entry. I guess the word for it is over-sexed. I mean, five times, you’d think he’d be shagged out. But sure enough, his mind starts to wander… But not toward the lovely Louisa. Here’s the diary entry. 

From your ringside seat in Louisa’s boudoir, everybody’s blushes concealed by the friendly curtain of darkness

Concealed by the friendly curtain of darkness, from your ringside seat in Louisa’s boudoir, you’ve been listening to the London History Bulletin for January 12th. 

You’ve been listening to the Today in London History bulletin.

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