Karen Tracks Down London’s Second Most Important River – The Friday Special


It’s Friday. Friday used to be a Christian fast day. But Friday’s a feast day here at the London Walks podcast. Friday’s Bonus Podcast Day.

And some bonus today. This one’s by Karen. It’s a clip from early on in her Virtual Tour of The Fleet River. 

Karen’s Fleet River tour was the grand finale of the eight-part Liquid London virtual tour series Karen and her colleagues Adam, Fiona, Simon and Russell laid on, weekly, to get us through the grimmest stretch of the winter. 

This extract is a short listen – just a few minutes – but you can see immediately why Karen’s a superstar guide. Why she won the Guide of the Year Award coming out of her Blue Badge course. Why she was chosen to host the television travel show London Next Stop. Why she’s the go-to London guide for every major media concern. 

It’s a no-brainer. Karen’s extremely bright, she’s articulate, she’s got a great voice, she’s assured, she’s warm and vivacious…her enthusiasm is catching, she’s sparkling – incapable of being dull. Bottom line: she’s everything you want in a guide. And it almost goes without saying, she’s a key member of the London Walks team that’s in the Finals for the Tourism Superstar 2022 Award. So, yes, here’s the quick request: please give us and Karen and her colleagues that all-important assist: your vote. And get the word out to your friends and family and colleagues. Ask them to vote for us. The link is displayed prominently at the top of the London Walks homepage – www.walks.com

Here’s Karen…

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