Get to know your London Walks guide – Here’s Richard Walker

“another world first for Liverpool – all-American happy days – Kookie Kookie lend me your comb – the world changed – four lads from Liverpool would be the next big thing – that unerring instinct for how success is won or lost has never left me – John Lennon’s generation had one big advantage over their American contemporaries – one of the first – that went part way toward explaining the enormous change in rock music – a mass attack of British bands on the American Billboard Hot 100 – me and Tom Evans – Tom co-wrote ‘I can’t live’ – decided he couldn’t go on living – when it came to making my way in the real world – history and English literature – the lights begin to twinkle from the rocks – it is not too late to seek a newer world – to sail beyond the sunset – [Richard did that, sailing that 25-foot sloop-rigged Nordic Folkboat across the Pacific ocean] – Rome – hitchhiking…”

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