Executions at Tower Hill – Barrister Tom Enlivens Them

Walk’s end. Happy group. Fantastic rapport between the guide (Tom) and the group. This is what’s not there for us now. I’ve put it up here so we can remember. And look forward to when it can happen again.

Subject: it’s a quick wrap of the macabre history of the Tower. Put, well, wittily. (And put well.) By Tom. This was a live recording of one of his walks that ended at the Tower of London.  “It took eight hits of the axe to get his head off, to put it bluntly…”

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  1. Tonya Jarrett says:

    I remember this walk pretty well, 2012, I believe. Except we visited that area outside the Tower first, not at the end. But isn’t it true that it was people who were considered not good enough to be executed inside on the Green that were relegated to the area outside? I’m pretty sure that’s what the guide said. Anne Boleyn, of course, was executed at the Tower, we were shown where precisely. Glad I saw the history of it all but I could not say I remember it with fondness, because of the overwhelming sadness I felt.

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