Crash course on Brexit – by David the Mayor

Anything phallic – “I made a series of programmes about the European Union for the BBC” – Where Britain is and why it is where it is – longest suicide note in history – Up Yours Delors – Labour party saw it as a capitalist plot – Britain’s relationship with Europe has never been happy – “I used to work in the European parliament”  – “you can’t make tanks” – what’s going to happen now? – go right back look at the history and work out where we are and why we are where we are today – Churchill – showed how far away the Brits were from understanding what the EU was about – “free movement of workers, not the free movement of people” – “a major feature of the film I made for the BBC” –  why there’s still a metric system – shared history – reflected a very strong populist feeling – “could have dictated the terms of the European Union” – the 25 Years War – immigration played a key part – “this was when I was working in Brussels…”

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