All About Paris Walks

This one’s an interview – in Paris, on the banks of the Seine – with Peter Caine, the founder – and guide extraordinaire – of Paris Walks. (Paris Walks – for anybody who doesn’t know – is the gold standard of Paris walking tours.)

Peter, as you’ll learn, is a man of many talents. In addition to being a brilliant guide (as well as the maestro of Paris Walks), he’s a bookbinder, a telescope maker and a restorer of a beautiful old house in Brittany.

Last but certainly not least, Peter’s one of life’s good guys – he’s on the side of the angels..

All the above said, I haste post haste must add, Peter’s got a brilliant helpmate (and co-founder of Paris Walks and nonpareil guide) – his lovely wife, the art historian Oriel Caine.

Paris Walks can be reached at:

Their email address is: [email protected]



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