A report from ‘the bridge’ of the Good Ship London Walks

The guides really know their subject and they’re very experienced. And “he” knows his subject – and he’s “really” experienced. “He” is Noel – it’s his voice you’re listening to on this podcast (complete with that lovely Irish accent). Noel’s worked in the London Walks office for many years. His “subject” is the guides and our clients. Orchestrating the whole thing. Anticipating problems and heading them off. Solving them – problems – when there’s no heading them off. Keeping the show on the road. Making it work. Getting the best possible fit between guides and clients. And knowing the strengths – and weaknesses (there aren’t all that many) – of the guides. Which ones would be right to take on this subject, develop that new walk, be a good fit with this group, etc. This is a report from “the bridge” of the Good Ship London Walks.



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