Russell Takes Aim at the Duke of Windsor’s Fashion Sense

This is the audio track of a segment of Russell’s The Men Who Made Menswear Virtual Tour. This section of the Virtual Tour focuses on the Duke of Windsor, one of the 20th century’s great fashion icons. It ranges right across the Duke’s life, from his days as a youthful prince to his passing. It gives you a pretty good taste of this Virtual Tour. As you listen please bear in mind that on the Virtual Tour Russell’s remarks are richly illustrated with visual elements – this is just the “soundtrack.” Even without the pictures, though, what comes across clearly is 1) the calibre of the guiding and 2) the revelation that the tour has a much wider range than the title might lead you to expect. Menswear, yes, of course – but there’s also social history, royal history, generational differences, a feel for an important part of central London, biography, etc. It’s a focussed core sample of 20th century London life but you’d never say that it’s niche and niche alone. It’s a good quick listen, should whet your appetite for catching the Virtual Tour the next time it comes puts in an appearance (it doesn’t run very often, maybe once every couple of months, so keep an eagle eye out for it).


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