The Monopoly Walk – Advance to Mayfair

Embankment underground station, London (Villiers Street exit)

Guided by Steven Sz

Walk Times

Day Walk Type Start Time End Time
27 July 2024 Special 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online
24 August 2024 Special 2 pm 4 pm Summer Reserve Online

Short read: Delightful. Quirky. Original. The watchwords for this Tour du Jour.

Long read: And you can stir into the Delightful, Quirky and Original mix a pinch of very pleasing Nostalgia and Fond Childhood Memories. Which is by way of saying, for many of us our first knowledge of the street names of London comes from a childhood game of Monopoly. And if you’ve ever wondered how and why those particular streets were chosen – well, this walk’s your Get Out of the Jail of Ignorance card. It’s a game you’re all going to win. Indeed, every roll of the dice is a winner. They’re loaded, you see. They get us to the right property every single time and they’re loaded with great information. One roll, for example, takes us to a certain small dead-end off Piccadilly and sheds light on why it made it onto the board yet great thoroughfares didn’t. Another cracks the mystery of why we have two of the more obscure London stations on the board. Another roll yields up just where are the modern versions of the Waterworks and the Electric Company. It’s good fun. A grown-up game of Monopoly where we’re the pieces and the real London’s the board and Steven’s in “complete” control of the dice and the game’s exciting because of where we go and what we find out. Bottom line: a walk that goes through familiar territory but looks at it in a whole new way. Advance to Mayfair indeed. 


Monopoly – Advance to Mayfair takes place at TBA m on TBA

To go on the Monopoly walk meet Steve just outside the Villiers Street exit of Embankment Tube.


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If you can’t make one of the regularly scheduled, just-turn-up, public Monopoly Walks do think about booking one as a private tour. If you go private you can have the Monopoly Walk – or any other London Walk – on a day and at a time that suits your convenience. We’ll tailor it to your requirements. Ring Fiona or Niamh or Peter or Mary on 020 7624 3978 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll set it up and make it happen for you. A private London Walk – they’re good value for an individual or couple and sensational value for a group – makes an ideal group or educational or birthday party or office (team-building) or club outing. Or indeed a fab present – be it a birthday or anniversary or get-to-know-your-new neighbourhood gift or Christmas present or whatever. Merchandise schmerchandise (gift wrapped or not) – but giving someone an experience, now that’s special. Memories make us rich.


But don’t just take it from us and the New York Times[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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