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Hampstead in the Evening

Hampstead Underground station, London

Guided by Peter G. or Richard III

“Hampstead in the gloaming… I was in a haze of happiness.”  A haze of happiness up on the roof of London. We look down and see the lights of the greatest city on earth spread out before us. On a clear night we’ve been known to nip into the Old Observatory for a look through the telescope at the starry heavens above. What else? What else? Are you serious? Hampstead is London’s most picturesque neighbourhood. It’s a perfectly preserved Georgian village crowning the top of a handsome hill. It’s a medley of cobblestone lanes, pretty cottages, surprising turnings, unsurpassed views and the platonic idea of the perfect English pub.* And counterpoint to the lights of London sparkling below us is Hampstead asparkle with famous people. What a superb cast of characters: ranging from the highwayman Dick Turpin to the painter Constable to the poet Keats; from Freud and D.H. Lawrence to Liam Gallagher and Boy George; from Elizabeth Taylor and Rex Harrison to Peter O’Toole and Jeremy Irons; from Ricky Gervais and Judy Dench and Rowan Atkins to Ridley Scott, Anthony Minghella, Dickens and Tagore. For good measure – close to egging the pudding, this – there’s London’s most villagey atmosphere, great cafes and magnificent Hampstead Heath. To cut to the chase, this is a great walk – they just don’t come any better.  *Cosy, well-hidden, everything a pub should be. Two of them – the Holly Bush and the Flask – we call in at. N.B. the walk ends just round the corner from Hampstead Tube.


The Hampstead in the Evening walk takes place at 7 pm every Saturday evening in the Summer (May 1 – October 31) London Walks programme.

The meeting point is just outside the exit of HampsteadTube Stop. N.B. The walk takes about 2 1/2 hours and ends just round the corner from HampsteadTube Stop.


Two of em. First one – this one – is frankly artsy and very beautiful. Shot by Koko, a Japanese stills photographer. Music specially composed for the film.

Second one – it’s here – has zero production values. I, David, shot it and put it together. And for sure I ain’t a filmmaker. But rough-hewn as it is it’ll give you an idea of leafy Hampstead and its hidden passageways.


“London Walks has many copycats, but it’s the best.” Frommer’s London by Night

“If you want to know London better, if you want to learn some things about the world’s most cosmopolitan city that most people who spend their lives there never learn… I can think of no better investment than London Walks” The New York Times


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