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Target London – Guided by Retired Anti-Terrorist Branch Detective

Bond Street underground station, London (Marylebone Lane exit, by Disney Store – north side of Oxford Street)

Guided by

Short description: The London Anti-Terror Walk.

Long description: Memo: our very latest guided-by-a-specialist London Walk. The scourge. The Battleground. The Good Guys. The Bad Guys. The Countermeasures arsenal: HUMINT, SIGNINT, IMINT, MASINT, Target hardening, etc. Fascinating subject. Scary subject. Super important subject. As the Good Guys say, "we have to get it right every time; the bad guys only have to get it right once." We, London Walks, have to get it right as well – to live up to the gold standard The New York Times identified all those years ago: "London Walks puts you into the hands of an expert on the particular area and topic of a tour." Bears repeating: Gary, who guides the walk, is a retired Anti-Terrorist Branch detective. He knows stuff his ordinary fellow citizens aren't privy to.