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Streets Paved with Gold

St. Paul's underground station, London (exit 2)

Guided by Tim K.

What better way to celebrate the golden jubilee of London Walks than by exploring – let alone mining and assaying – the links between the City of London and gold?  Our gold rush, our prospecting takes us to the garden of the Goldsmiths' Company for a crash course on hallmarks and testing coins for their metal content. From there we'll follow a rich seam to  "that" stained glass window – you haven't lived, you haven't done London until you've seen "that" window.* Gold-stunned, gold-crazed, gold-glazed, we'll press on to the Rothschilds' building, where the world price of gold used to be agreed daily in an arcane ceremony. And then it's the gold fever of the gold rush – the Bank of England Museum, where all that glitters is gold. Where the strong-of-arm can try lifting a bar of gold. All in all, a sovereign tour! Guided by Tim K., he of the golden words and gob-smackingly impressive credentials. To wit; he was a Bank of England official for over 30 years. You read right: we're talking an insider, a financial specialist. Talking the go-to guide for anybody who wants to understand the City as one of the world's great financial capitals. Oh and a mere bagatelle – he's also a top-flight Blue Badge Guide.

*the window that shows Dick Whittington against a background of streets paved with gold


The Streets Paved with Gold walk takes place at 2 pm on xxxxxxxx. The meeting point is just outside exit 2 of St. Paul's Tube.


Can't heist it? Oops, Freudian slip, meant to say, can't hoist it? Well, you can at least touch it…* 

*Or some variation thereof: grip it, stroke it, pet it, fondle it, caress it, sniff it, salivate at it, pant over it, leer at it… you get the idea.