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Prehistoric London – The London History Course

Tower Hill tube station, London

Guided by Kevin

The walk that launches the annual*, much-loved London Walks London History Course. And while we're at it, educational pedigrees don't come any more impressive – in short, the London Walks History Course is peripatetic lectures, exactly the way Aristotle taught. And don't be put off by the word lectures. Field work is another way of describing it. As is going for a walk with someone who knows a whole lot of fascinating things you don't know, knows where you have to go and where you have to look to see them

Exactly what it says on the tin. Guided by a former Museum of London archaeologist, this walk takes you back two millennia and more. It explores Prehistoric London – the archaeological record, the history, the geography, the geology. It shows you the skull beneath the skin of 21st century London.

Here's how guide Kevin puts it:

Legend has it that Londinium was founded in the Bronze Age by a Trojan exile. London was the capital of the legendary Kings of Britain from King Brutus through such monarchs as King Leir and Old King Cole until the Romans invaded and rebuilt the City. Archaeology tells a different story and insists there was no City before the Romans. Yet language experts claim the name London dates from centuries before the Romans. Legends tell us of a terrible Dark Age London but Archaeology shows a complex story of a several re-foundations of London. This walk tells the story of the legendary origins and how they square with modern archaeological discoveries of the many origins of London.

*To be fair, it didn't run in 2016. Gave way to the In-Focus series of walks.