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Harrow on the Hill

Baker Street Underground station, London (Baker Street North exit)

Guided by Sue

Short version. Views & Vistas, Byron & Bygones.

Long version. Say the words Harrow on the Hill and ask people to free associate and likely as not you'll get the following three gorgeous plumages coming into view: the HILL, the young WINSTON, and the famous SCHOOL. Those are rich pickings, a lot of time past and history to catch up on. So to throw down some markers for you: the 12th-century church of St. Mary dominates – and graces – the area. Location, location, location… yes, it's perched high on Harrow Hill. The great event in Harrow's history was the founding of Harrow School in 1572. Winston Churchill and other British Prime Ministers were educated here. As were Lord Byron and untold legions of noblemen. And hats off as well to its mixture of tones. In short, the highlights are only part of the story. Which is by way of saying, Harrow's also an attractive, unspoilt, literary village –- it was home to Matthew Arnold and Anthony Trollope – complete with village green and even a Court of Pie Powder! N.B. the walk ends at Harrow on the Hill Railway Station.