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Georgian London – The London History Course

Chancery Lane underground station, London (exit 3)

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Welcome to Georgian London. To a walk that uncovers and discovers. That'll give you a good general view of the period and the place as reflected in the buildings, the habits, and the customs as they existed in the London of that day.  A general view caulked with fascinating details. And what a time it was. The City's history in those years was fuller than at almost any other time anterior to the storm-tossed 20th century. Indeed many say the 18th century is the most fascinating and picturesque of those periods in which the history of this country is divided. Almost as if the centuries that preceded the period were introductory. And for a keynote? Every period has its essential characteristic. That of the 18th century is contrast. We see that in the architecture of Georgian London. In the daily life. In the dress. In the art and literature. In the manners. In the streets, the workplace, the gardens, the taverns, the churches. You'll be able to read Georgian London by walk's end, see it beneath its modern and Victorian carapaces. Have a good grasp of it. Understand it. Know it.